Amanda and Maneesh – Auberge Du Soleil

Can you say COLOR?!

Among the many festival-related rituals in a Hindi’s life, weddings are by far the most extensive of ceremonies. Laughter, vibrancy and fun were the recurring themes of Amanda & Maneesh’s wedding on this gorgeous day in Napa Valley, and let’s just say they know how to party!

Auberge Du Soleil was the perfect setting for this wedding. This venue embodies the natural beauty of wine country, but with a luxurious and modern twist. The space is intimate yet has the capacity to host larger parties if needed.

After the heavenly ceremony was over, the reception was held indoors in the function room that provided a cozy and romantic environment for the celebration. The sweethearts were welcomed into each other’s family and shared a fabulous dinner thanks to the incredible culinary talents of the Michelin star restaurant at Auberge.

As you scroll through this beautiful wedding day, I hope you enjoy this gorgeous couple as much as I did – their smiles and their joy are contagious. Amanda and Maneesh, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this incredible time of your life. It was such an honor to be a part of it.


Leslie and Joe – Auberge Du Soleil

Sunlight flooded the luxurious suite at Hotel Yountville as the bridesmaids buzzed around Leslie, sharing laughter, joy and of course – Champagne. The day was finally here – and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Located at the very southern end of Yountville, this boutique hotel is a must-stay in wine country. Small and intimate, Hotel Yountville beckons guests with buildings constructed of stacked Napa river rocks, heavy timber beams and copper accents. The rooms boast a romantic decor and perfect starting point for a wedding day.

Cheers to the start of not only an incredible day, but to a lifetime of happiness.

Speaking of incredible, look at that ring.

No wedding in Napa is complete without obligatory vineyard shots, and the Stags Leap district always provides the most stunning and dramatic of backdrops. As Lesley and Joe twirled their way throughout the rows, the sun began to lower, boasting that warm glow that Stags Leap is renowned for.

A Michelin-star menu, exquisite wine list and astonishing views is what led Leslie and Joe to choose Auberge du Soleil as their wedding venue. Nestled in the Rutherford hills, this magical resort is secluded, yet close to everything that wine country has to offer, making it a favorite for destination weddings (and a favorite of mine to shoot at).

As a wedding photographer, one of the most priceless moments is capturing the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time walking down the aisle.

Dinner was accompanied with happy tears, raised glasses and full hearts – not to mention some serious dancing! As I snuck away with the newly-weds to capture their first sunset as husband and wife, we could still hear the laughter and joy from the two families that on this day, became one.

Lesley and Joe, thank you for inviting me into your lives and love on this special day.


Madrona Manor Wedding – Anna & Atish Part One

Many of our clients travel to Northern California for their weddings because of their love of world class cuisine and wines.  These were certainly a priority for our client’s Anna and Atish. They also were having two weddings in one week.  Luckily they hired Northern California Wedding Planner Nicol Turner of Little Blue Box Weddings. She helped them to plan both a Jewish Wedding and an Indian Wedding which honored both of their families and cultures.

There we so many beautiful images to share that we have to break up their blog post into two posts to show off both of their weddings. The Jewish wedding took place at Madrona Manor in Headlsburg. This venue really hit the mark for this couple because of its beauty and history. The fact that they have a One Star Michelin Rating from 2008 to 2015 didn’t hurt either. I had just as much fun photographing the food as I did the couple. Make sure to come back for Part Two.

Vendor Credit:

Venue: Madrona Manor | Wedding Planner: Little Blue Box Weddings | Floral Design: Tesoro Flowers | Entertainment: KJ Allstars | Shuttles: Beau Wine Tours | Beauty: Brides By Amy

Madrona Manor Sonoma Wedding Photography_0001Madrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_PhotographyMadrona_Manor_Wedding_Alexander_Rubing_Photography

Carneros Inn Wedding – Jacquie and Mark

Did you see our last blog post about Jacquie and Mark’s rehearsal dinner at Hall Rutherford Winery? You may want to take a peek before reading this post. This is part two of a decadent weekend of wedding celebrations. I had so much in common with this couple, especially our love of world class cuisine and wine! The wedding ceremony and reception were held at The Carneros Inn. The property is a luxury resort with a mix of rustic charm and understated elegance. The wedding was small and intimate with only the closest family and friends. I love this type of wedding because it allows me to spend so much time photographing the couple. Smaller doesn’t mean less details. We had plenty of details to shoot with gorgeous decor from event designer Rion Designs. As you all know, food photography is one of my loves, and Jacquie and Mark chose a delicious menu that included black truffles shaved right on the plate. The only thing I didn’t like about this wedding, was that it had to end.

Alexander Rubin Photography at Carneros Inn WineryCarneros Inn Wedding with Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Winery Wedding with Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding Photograpy with Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding with Alexander Rubin PhotographyAlexander Rubin Photography Carneros Inn Winery WeddingCarneros Inn Wedding Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding Alexander Rubin PhotographyAlexander Rubin Photography at Carneros InnCarneros Inn Wedding with Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyAlexander Rubin Photography at Carneros Inn WeddingsCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros_Inn_Wedding_Alexander_Rubin_PhotographyCarneros_Inn_Wedding_Alexander_Rubin_PhotographyCarneros_Inn_Wedding_Alexander_Rubin_PhotographyCarneros_Inn_Wedding_Alexander_Rubin_PhotographyAlexander Rubin Photography at Carneros Inn WeddingsCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin Photography
Carneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyAlexander Rubin Photography at Carneros Inn WeddingsCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin PhotographyAlexander Rubin Photograpy at Carneros Inn WeddingsCarneros Inn Wedding by Alexander Rubin Photography

Vendor Credits:

Venue: The Carneros Inn | Ceremony Music: Synchronicity Strings | Event/Floral Designer & Rentals: Rion Designs | Officiant: Peadar Dalton, Your Ceremony Matters | Transportation: Pure Luxury Transportation | Beauty: It’s A Date, DeeAnna Reece

Hall Rutherford – Rehearsal Dinner

Hall Rutherford Winery was the setting for a decadent rehearsal dinner for Jacquie and Mark. The couple hosted a culinary experience for their guests in the Rutherford Chandelier Room. The centerpiece of the room is fittingly a chandelier consisting of 1500 Swarovski Crystals, that washes the dining table in warm romantic light. And if the room itself isn’t impressive enough, guests enjoyed a dinner prepared by 3 Star Michelin Rated, Meadowood Napa Valley. From the setting, to the cuisine, and the wine, this dinner was an event filled with class and grace for a couple who exhibits both qualities in abundance.
Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Hall_Rutherford_Rehearsal_Dinner Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Hall_Rutherford_Rehearsal_DinnerHall Rutherford Rehearsal Dinner Photography Napa California0009 Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Hall_Rutherford_Rehearsal_DinnerHall Rutherford Rehearsal Dinner Photogray by Alexander Rubin Photography Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Hall_Rutherford_Rehearsal_Dinner Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Hall_Rutherford_Rehearsal_DinnerAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Hall_Rutherford_Rehearsal_Dinner Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Hall_Rutherford_Rehearsal_DinnerAlexander_Rubin_Photography_Hall_Rutherford_Rehearsal_Dinner2Alexander_Rubin_Photography_Hall_Rutherford_Rehearsal_Dinner3Hall Rutherford Chandelier Room Alexander Rubin PhotographyHall Rutherford Chandlier Room Alexander Rubin PhotographyAlexander Rubin Photography at The Hall Rutherford Winery

Being able to capture the images of this intimate dinner in such an iconic room was fantastic. But it just gets better as we were also honored to shoot the wedding of Jacquie and Mark at the equally stunning Carneros Inn in Napa Valley. Check back for those photos on our next blog post. And a wholehearted congratulations to our amazing couple. Cheers you two!

Private Napa Vineyard Wedding – Elizabeth and Logan


Elizabeth and Logan are lovers of fine wine and cuisine and there’s no better place to find both than in Napa. Their romance began at Duke University and their wedding took place in the Carneros area of The Napa Valley. A vineyard is the perfect choice since Logan is an executive for One Hope Wine. The vineyard they chose is Brown Ranch. It’s a private vineyard, but their connections in the industry allowed them to secure the location. It was a blank canvas that required everything be brought in. Under the direction of planner Marilyn Ambra, it turned out beautifully. The backdrop for their ceremony, the decor, their family and friends made this a great day and a great wedding to capture through my lens.


The ceremony took place just outside of rows of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines, with a spectacular view of Carneros behind the couple. Guests and the couple arrived by golf carts to this secluded spot. The privacy and intimacy of the ceremony site made for a one-of-a-kind celebration with family and friends.

Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0025Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0029Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0028Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0026Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0035Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0032Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0052 Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0053Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0037Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0040 Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0041Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0042Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0043Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0058Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0056 Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0059Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0060  Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0062 Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0063 Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0064Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0066 Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0068\Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0069Napa_Wedding_Photographer_Carneros_Private_Vineyard_Browns_Ranch0070