Soda Rock Wedding of Katie and Miles

Why is Soda Rock Winery in The Alexander Valley so popular for weddings? There are so many reasons. It’s a historical property in Sonoma that dates back as far as the 1800s and is thought to be the first to make a branded wine. But it’s the attributes of the property itself that make it so sought after for picturesque weddings. The stone wall, the antique barn, and multiple indoor and outdoor venues make it a top pick. Katie and Miles dated in the area and it’s a place that has great significance for them. The barn was became the cornerstone for their day with the ceremony being held next to the amazing barn,  their cocktail hour being in the barn, and their reception in the ballroom.

The ceremony was emotional and a great celebration of love for all in attendance. During the cocktail hour a group of friends of Katie’s dad belted out a roaring chant called Boom-shaka-a-laka,  and oy did it kick off the tone for the rest of the day. It was a great photo moment. Some of my favorite photos of the day though are in the incredible barn. The way the light shines through the wood slats is intense. I could have shot there all day!

One of my favorite wedding planners Kaitlyn Finley of Ohh La La Weddings was at the helm of this wedding and she made my job a cake walk. Every time we work together I am guaranteed a happy and relaxed couple, a stellar creative team and a smooth and fun day! This team consisted of some of the best in the valley and I’m happy to have been part of it.

Venue: Soda Rock Winery | Wedding Planner: Ooh La La Weddings | Floral Design: EV Floral Design | Bakery: Branching Out Cakes | Entertainment: Notorious | Beauty: It’s A Date at The Power Room| Bridal Gown Designer: Allure Bridals | Bridal Salon: Flare’s Bridal | Rentals: Encore Events Rentals | Officiant: Dave Flannery

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Napa Wedding – Howell Mountain Private Home

Howell Mountain Appellation is a short 10 miles from the center of Napa. If you’re not careful you can miss it. This area is famous for it’s rich Cabernet wines, and some of my favorites can be found here. It’s safe to say I spend a lot of my time here….working of course, working. When Jenny and Ryan asked me to photograph their wedding I was extremely excited. You see the wedding was to be held at a private estate owned by Jenny’s father on Howell Mountain. What more can you ask for than to do what you love, in a place that you love.

The property had features reminiscent of an Italian villa, and a stunning pool that served as a showpiece for many of the portraits I captured. Jenny and Ryan are both fun loving with great personalities. Their families are mirrors of them and you can see in the images how much fun everyone had. We got some great shots of the couple in the nearby vineyards. I love the shot I got with the on the sign post showing all the wineries on Howell Mountain. Shooting weddings at private homes is such an honor for me. They traditionally have an intimate group of a couple’s closest family and friends. It allows for a relaxed wedding where love and fun flow freely, and it shows in my shots. After dinner and formalities everyone let their hair down and partied with a live band under the stars. It was a great way to end a perfect day!

private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0001 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0002 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0003 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0004 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0005 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0006 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0007 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0008 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0009 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0010 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0011 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0012 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0013 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0014 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0015 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0016 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0017 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0018 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0019 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0020 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0021 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0022 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0023 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0024 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0025 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0026 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0027 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0028 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0029

Goosecross Winery – Engagement Session

Aren’t Nicole and Josh a beautiful couple? I think so too, and I’m so fortunate they hired me to photograph their Sonoma wedding next summer. They recently came to Napa for a planning session, and we squeezed in their engagement session. We shot at Goosecross Winery in Yountville on a perfectly sunny day. The sky looked so soft and light against the contrast of the vines that appeared to be drinking in the light. They looked electric! We also got some sexy and dramatic shots among the casks of wine that I love.  It’s always great to spend time getting to know my couples better during the engagement session, especially for a destination wedding couple like this couple who hail from Minnesota.

After shooting at Goosecross, I whisked my couple off to a favorite vineyard location in Yountville. It’s where the original founder of the town planted the first grapes in an area. This place is magical to me and sharing it is always an honor. So many people enjoy Yountville because of the notoriety of The French Laundry. I love it for it’s history and beauty as well. I’d love to share it with you sometime soon.

napa-valley-engagement-session0001 napa-valley-engagement-session0003 napa-valley-engagement-session0004 napa-valley-engagement-session0005 napa-valley-engagement-session0006 napa-valley-engagement-session0008 napa-valley-engagement-session0009 napa-valley-engagement-session0010 napa-valley-engagement-session0011 napa-valley-engagement-session0012 napa-valley-engagement-session0013 napa-valley-engagement-session0014