Madeleine and John – Charles Krug

30Think Audrey Hepburn on a Roman holiday meets Leonardo DiCaprio in Great Gatsby… except in Napa Valley. Yes, it was THAT beautiful and by far one of the most magical and stunning weddings that I have ever photographed.

Charles Krug is the oldest winery in Napa Valley (founded in 1861!) and is the ultimate of vineyard venues.  Charles Krug is also one of only five wineries in Napa Valley that can host weddings. And what a venue it is…

The “First Look” photos began in the recently renovated Redwood Cellar, which has a rustic yet modern feel with high, open-beam ceilings. A sliver of light filtered through the small windows, adding a perfect glow to the beautiful couple.

The Great Lawn outside of the historic Carriage House offers an array of options for a gorgeous ceremony backdrop. This park-like setting dotted with heritage oak trees and surrounded by vineyards was simply spectacular for Madeleine and John’s “I-do” moment.

Enter the Carriage House with it’s soaring vaulted ceilings, stunning period chandeliers, arched doorways and a large dance floor that is perfect for any wedding. Here, dinner was served to all 90 of Madeleine and John’s guests who had journeyed great distances to be here for their special day. However, as incredible as the wedding venue was, the best part of the day was seeing Madeleine and John shimmying it up on the dance floor together… happy, in love, and MARRIED!

Madeleine and John, your wedding was absolutely spectacular. I could feel the love between the two of you, your friends, and your family, so much so that documenting your day was simply a breeze. Thank you for the moments!

A special thank you to Mary and Stephanie at Off The Beaten Path Weddings for the flawless wedding coordination. Always a pleasure to work with you.




Amy and Andrew – Gardner Ranch, Carmel

I have been fortunate enough in my profession that I’ve traveled to many beautiful areas, but few hold a special place in my heart like Carmel-by-the-Sea.

AKA Carmel, this quaint town is located on the breathtaking coast of Northern California in Monterey County and is renowned for it’s food, wine and natural scenery that will take your breath away.

When Amy and Andrew first contacted me from their home in Texas about photographing their wedding in Carmel, I couldn’t be more excited. The venue of choice was Gardner Ranch, a charming property located on the banks of the Carmel River. Twenty-four acres of lush meadows and majestic oaks, while being walking distance to shops and restaurants made it the perfect venue for a destination wedding.

Every detail about Amy and Andrew’s day matched the mood and ambiance of Gardner Ranch to a tee. Elegant and charming yet rustic – with a big dose of fun and laughter at every stage of the day. For example, just look at these bridal party pictures… they were having a blast and it showed. When you have a group of people that are this relaxed and focusing on what’s important, it’s not hard to get great photos.

This vibe carried well into the day and evening. It’s clear that these two live life to the fullest and are so loved by everyone around them. And, they sure know how to throw a party!

I could go on and on about this magical day, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

I can’t thank wedding planner Andre Roberts enough for putting together such a seamless and beautiful day and a fabulous team.

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Napa Wedding – Howell Mountain Private Home

Howell Mountain Appellation is a short 10 miles from the center of Napa. If you’re not careful you can miss it. This area is famous for it’s rich Cabernet wines, and some of my favorites can be found here. It’s safe to say I spend a lot of my time here….working of course, working. When Jenny and Ryan asked me to photograph their wedding I was extremely excited. You see the wedding was to be held at a private estate owned by Jenny’s father on Howell Mountain. What more can you ask for than to do what you love, in a place that you love.

The property had features reminiscent of an Italian villa, and a stunning pool that served as a showpiece for many of the portraits I captured. Jenny and Ryan are both fun loving with great personalities. Their families are mirrors of them and you can see in the images how much fun everyone had. We got some great shots of the couple in the nearby vineyards. I love the shot I got with the on the sign post showing all the wineries on Howell Mountain. Shooting weddings at private homes is such an honor for me. They traditionally have an intimate group of a couple’s closest family and friends. It allows for a relaxed wedding where love and fun flow freely, and it shows in my shots. After dinner and formalities everyone let their hair down and partied with a live band under the stars. It was a great way to end a perfect day!

private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0001 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0002 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0003 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0004 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0005 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0006 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0007 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0008 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0009 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0010 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0011 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0012 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0013 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0014 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0015 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0016 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0017 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0018 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0019 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0020 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0021 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0022 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0023 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0024 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0025 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0026 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0027 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0028 private-napa-estate-wedding-by-alexander-rubin-photography0029

Garden Pavillion Sonoma Wedding of Jillian & Tom

Garden Pavillion in Sonoma is a “best kept secret” for weddings. Lucky for me Jillian and Tom found this amazing property for their wedding. Some of the attributes I loved about it include a collection of small cottages and an estate that sleeps 16. Jillian and Tom and their entire bridal party were able to stay at the house and have complete comfort and privacy. You can see from the images I captured how incredibly beautiful it is. I loved the blue cottage where we hung Jillian’s gown. It really allowed her gown to stand out!

The wedding took place at the cusp of Fall and you could feel a slight chill. But not to worry, the couple was enveloped in the warmth of their family and friends. Their ceremony was very emotional and you could feel how truly loved this couple is. Garden Pavillion has lush lawn for their rustic reception and dinner, followed by one great dance party! I can’t wait to work at this property again. If you’re looking for a truly private venue in Sonoma, you have to take a look at Garden Pavillion.

sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-1 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-2 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-3 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-4 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-5 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-6 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-7 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-8 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-9 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-10 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-11 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-13 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-14 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-15 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-16 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-17 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-18 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-19 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-20 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-21 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-22 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-23 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-24 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-25 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-26 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-27 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-28 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-29 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-30 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-31 sonoma_garden_pavilion_wedding_alexander_rubin_photography_0001-32ddddddd




Destination Wedding – Sun Valley Idaho

Being a destination wedding photographer allows me to work in many beautiful places with beautiful couples like Kelley and Aaron. They chose Sun Valley Idaho for their nuptual. I wish you could have been there to feel that sweet cool chill at the beginning of Fall. The weather couldn’t have been more fabulous. Clear blue skies prevailed throughout their wedding weekend. Kelley and Aaron wanted complete privacy, and to have their most beloved family and friends to share in their celebration. In order to so, they rented a private estate and enlisted the help of Jenny Harding of New Chapter Weddings and Events. She’s planned hundreds of wedding throughout the US and Internationally, and we were fortunate to have her there to lead us. She was a delight to work with and made this wedding smooth as silk.

Sun Valley Lodge is a very special place and we were lucky to capture some amazing images around the area. But I really love the images we took at the estate. It was rustic and warm allowing for some beautiful shots like the one of our couple laying on the wood floor. And of course there is nothing sexier than a peek of cowboy boots under a wedding gown. I can’t wait to get back to Sun Valley again soon. If you’re planning a destination wedding, I’d love to hear from you. I’m always up for a great adventure and a wedding. No matter where it is!

destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0001 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0002 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0003 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0004 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0005 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0006 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0007 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0008 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0009 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0010 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0011 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0012 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0013 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0014 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0015 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0017 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0018 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0019 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0020 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0021 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0022 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0023 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0024 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0025 destination-wedding-photographer-sun-valley-idaho-alexander-rubin-photography_0026






Jacuzzi Winery Wedding | Sonoma, CA

Darby & Colin | Wedding | Jacuzzi Family Vineyards and Cline Villa | Sonoma, CA

The first time I ever visited Jacuzzi Winery I said to myself “this is a perfect place for a wedding!”  The location is gorgeous, the light is amazing and their wines are even better.  Darby and Colin fell in love with the venue as well on trips to Sonoma from their home in Seattle.  Friend and family flew in from all over the country to help celebrate their destination wedding.  Darby and Colin are such down to earth people and so much fun to work with.   They also have some really funny friends, I can’t remember laughing that hard during toasts in a long time.  The wedding day started with the ladies getting ready at the Cline Villa.  After an emotional first look we headed over to Jacuzzi Winery for the ceremony and reception.  An al fresco dinner under twinkling lights in the courtyard, was followed by an amazing party in the barrel room.  Does it get any better than that?
Take a look at my favorite moments from their day below.  Congratulations Darby and Colin!  

jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0001jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0002jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0003jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0005Destination Sonoma Wedding at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards By Alexander Rubin Photography_0001jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0007jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0008jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0009jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0017jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0010Destination Sonoma Wedding at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards By Alexander Rubin Photography_0002jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0012jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0013jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0014Destination Sonoma Wedding at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards By Alexander Rubin Photography_0004Destination Sonoma Wedding at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards By Alexander Rubin Photography_0003jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0018jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0019jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0021jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0020jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0023jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0024jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0026jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0025jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0027jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0029jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0030jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0028jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0031jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0032jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0033jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0034jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0035jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0036jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0037jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0038Destination Sonoma Wedding at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards By Alexander Rubin Photography_0007jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0040jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0042Destination Sonoma Wedding at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards By Alexander Rubin Photography_0008jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0044jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0045jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0046jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0047jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0048jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0049jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0050jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0051jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0052jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0053jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0054jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0055jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0057jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0058jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0059jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0060jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0061jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0062jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0063jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0064jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0065jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0066jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0067jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0068jacuzzi winery wedding sonoma By Rubin Photography_0069

Port Orchard Wedding | McCormick Woods Golf Course


Kristina and Tom chose McCormick Woods Golf Course in Port Orchard, Washington for their wedding.  It was a gorgeous northwest summer day and an ideal location to host such an important occasion.  Everyone had an amazing time and we were there to witness and capture it all. Take a look at some of our favorite shots below.  Congratulations Kristina and Tom!

Four Seasons Seattle | Greek Orthodox Wedding


When I first met Voula and Vasili, I was quickly struck by the chemistry between them. They are such a loving, fun and spontaneous couple! I was given the privilege of shooting two engagement sessions for them, one in gorgeous Laguna Beach, California and one in Seattle. Voula and Vasili are very much in love, and it was an honor to witness. The morning of the big day started at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle followed by a traditional ceremony at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. The day was filled with amazing moments, dramatic light, and most importantly, amazing people.  Congratulations Voula and Vasili!

Special thanks to Jenny Harding the lead wedding planner/owner of New Chapter Weddings

Dress by Ulla-Maija Couture

Flowers by Loves Me Flowers

Ulla-Maija Anna Maier "Bianca" wedding dress photo Ulla-Maija Anna Maier "Bianca" wedding dress photo

the inn at port ludlow | northwest beach wedding


Adjectives: playful, beachy, sunny, breathtaking, fun, happy, emotional, timeless and loving.

I love the Northwest! Specifically, I love the beauty and the diversity our natural surroundings. Hood Canal exemplifies this beauty perfectly. There you find everything from mountains to forrest to gorgeous beaches and waters.  I was thrilled when Natalie and JB told me their wedding was to be held at the Inn at Port Ludlow.  It is a beautiful property set on the water with incredible views in every direction.  It was such and honor to witness Natalie and JB’s love and affection for each other as they were married, surrounded by their closet friends and family.  Take a look at the real story of their day below.  Congratulations Natalie and JB!